DIY Jeweled Blazer and Pant Suit

A DIY from Orly Shani


  • Blazer and pants
  • Trim (Appliqué from fabric store)
  • Beaded trim (wedding trim)
  • Pins
  • Needle and thread


First we will start with the blazer…

1) Put blazer on

2) Decide where you want the appliqué to lay on your shoulder

3) Pin it in place

4) Take off blazer

5) Hand stitch it in place

6) Cut off extra trim


For the pants…

1) Measure the length of your pant leg starting from just below the waist

2) Cut off extra trim

3) Pin trim along side of leg

4) Hand sew into place

Jeweled Blazer and Pant Suit - Home & Family

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