Lifestyle expert Lizzy Mathis has a fun indoor activity for the kids.

Materials for Snowballs

  • Fiberfill
  • Scissors
  • White pantyhose

Materials for Bucket

  • Tin bucket
  • Glue sticks
  • Paper
  • Snowflake stickers
  • Any other embellishments of your choosing

Directions for Snowball

1. Lay your pantyhose flat, determine where to cut by pressing your hand flat plus two fingers, then use your scissors.

2. Take a large handful of fiberfill and stuff into pre-cut pantyhose.

3. Pull the opening of your "snowball" closed, tie your ends. If it's too difficult to tie, use scissors to cut a vertical slit. Remove excess panythose fabric with scissors.

4. Once sealed, use your hands to mold "snowball" into circular shape.

Directions for Bucket

1. Use your glue stick to glue any decorations of your choosing onto your tin bucket.

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