Ken Wingard is upgrading your pillowcase with this colorful work of art.


  • cooling rack
  • tub
  • soda ash
  • ice cubes
  • powdered dye
  • all cotton pillow covers


1. Pre-wash your pillowcases before dyeing

2. This will remove any fabric softeners, oils, dirt, etc.

3. Mix up your soda ash, with water, and add in your dyeable items for 20 minutes.

4. Scrunch up your soda-soaked dyeable randomly and put them on the rack over the bucket.

5. Cover all the fabric with ice.

6. Sprinkle dye powder on the ice. Use different colors to they will mix and blend during the melting process.

7. Place bucket in warm place and let the ice melt for 24 hours

8. Once ice has melted in the tub it will look like a big pool color.

9.Rinse fabric in cold running water until the water is clear.

10. Once fabric has been rinsed you can place in washer to wash

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