Cameron Mathison is getting your kids ready for back to school by showing you how to put together your own DIY homework station.


  • Pallet
  • 2x4 wood
  • Power Drill
  • 3 quarter inch plywood
  • House paint
  • Door hinges
  • Eye hooks
  • Chain
  • French cleat
  • Hammer
  • Nail gun
  • Tape Measure
  • Crow bar
  • Needle nose pliers


1. Pull off the 2 horizontal slats on either side of the middle slate using a crow bar. If there are nails still left in the wood just use a hammer & pull them out.

2. Measure the space between the middle slat & the end to get the measurement to cut your 2x4

3. Cut your 2x4 plywood to size.

4. Take your 2x4 wood & slide it into the area where your shelves will be. Using a nail gun (or you can screw) go down the line & nail your 2x4’s into place.

5. Flip over your palette & nail the backside as well.

6. To create your desk top part, take 3 quarter inch plywood & cut it to the width of your palette & about 2 feet deep.

7. Paint your palette & desk top the color of your choice. A house paint will work perfectly.

8. Once dry it’s time to attach your desk.

9. To attach the desk to the palette you will use door hinges at the bottom. Screw them into the bottom & then screw it in to the bottom of the desk top piece.

10. You’ll need to create extra security with chains. Just screw in eye hooks on the desk (make sure they are placed 2 inches in from the side, this way they chain won’t cause a problem when closing) & then to the back of the palette & slip your chains into the hooks. Just use needle nose pliers to close.

11. You’ll also need to attach a lock. We just used an eye hook lock, but you can use something fancier if you prefer.

12. Time to hang! Use a French cleat on the back of the palette to hang. Be sure to hang on the wall 29 inches from the bottom of the floor.

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