Orly Shani is keeping your champagne chilled at your next holiday party with this handy DIY.


  • Champagne chiller
  • Deli container or tupperware (smaller than the size of your champagne chiller)
  • Trinkets
  • Weights (rocks, beans, etc. Anything to weight it down)


1. Fill Base Of Champagne Chiller With Water And Freeze Until Solid

2. Once Base Is Frozen Solid Place A Smaller Container In The Center And Fill With Weights Of Your Choice

3. Begin To Add And Position Trinkets To The Space Between The Container And The Chiller

4.Add Water And Place In Freezer

To Remove

1. Run Hot Water On The Outside To Loosen The Ice

2. Pour Hot Water Into Container To Loosen The Center

3. Slide Sculpture Out Onto A Towel

4. Place Where Desired, Insert Bottle And Celebrate!

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