Mark Steines is getting your house ready for Christmas in July by showing you how to add some backyard decorations.


  • 4 inch PVC Pipe, 10 ft. in length
  • Hot Glue
  • Single strand clip lights
  • EPS foam
  • White spray paint
  • Jig Saw or Chop Saw
DIY Holiday Lawn Luminaries - Home & Family


1. Cut pipes at an angle – do several at varying heights.

2. Cut notch at the bottom of the pipe for the plug.

3. Heat hot glue until it’s very hot.

4. Drip glue around top of “candle” /PVC pipe.

5. Let dry, spray paint entire candle white.

6. Take EPS foam to make 2 discs as inserts to hold your bulb/chord.

7. Press pipe into foam to make an impression, which will be a template for your cut-out.

8. Press light bulb base into foam for template for foam bulb insert. Cut out templates with

9. Spray paint foam inserts white.

10. Attach foam inserts to clip light, place inside PVC pipe, leaving slack around the bulb at
the top so it is visible at the top of the pipe.

11. Add glitter for extra snow effect.

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