DIY Holiday Drink Stirrers

Orly Shani is making your party stand out with this festive DIY.


  • Plastic drink stirrers
  • Toppers
  • Hot glue
  • Spray Paint
  • Punch Bowls
  • Glitter
  • Awl Tool


For the Present Topper:
1. Using the Awl tool, just poke a hole in the bottom of the present
2. Then take your plastic stirrer & poke it through the puncture you made in the present
3. Ta-da!

For the Jingle Bell:
1. The jingle bells have a little loop in the back, so you’re going to take your stirrer & literally just push it through the loop
2. Keep pushing bell up to the top where the ball is on the stirrer

For the Christmas Tree:
1. Take your stirrer & then using wire cutters cut off the ball off the end of your stirrer
2. Then take your tree & hot glue it to the top where you just cut
3. Hold it there for about 30 secs to dry

For the Ornament:
1. Remove the top of the ornament & pull out the wire
2. Then glue back on to the top
3. Take your awl tool & poke a hole through the top
4. Take your stirrer & poke through to make size accordingly
5. Remove the stirrer & pile hot glue into ornament
6. Then put stirrer back in hold to dry about 30 secs

For the Punch Bowl:
1. Spray paint your bowl gold, upside down
2. Once dry mark your bowl about an inch and a half down from the top, and mark all the way around
3. Then mark from the bottom as well
4. This is all to make sure you can get a straight line when you connect
5. Take a silver paint and paint stripes in
6. While still wet, sprinkle glitter on top of stripes

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