Orly shows you how you can bring holiday cheer to the kitchen with this adorable DIY holiday apron.


  • Red adult apron
  • Green child apron
  • Fabric glue  
  • White fur trim
  • Red felt
  • Black buttons
  • Black and gold sparkle ribbon


1. Lay your fur trim along the very top of the apron, and cut to exactly the length of the top of each one.

2. Hot glue the back of the fur, and attach it to the top of the apron.

3. Then hot glue three black buttons on to the center of each button, leaving a few inches of space in between each button.

4. Hot glue the black ribbon onto the waist of the apron.

5. Cut the ribbon so that there is around a 1″ overhang over the edge of the apron.

6. Glue it all the way across the front. Then, wrap the edges around the side of the apron and secure to the back with glue.

7. Cut out a 4″ wide rectangle for the buckle.

8. Make sure you cut the square tall enough that it overlaps the black ribbon the top and bottom by about 1/2″ each side.

9. Draw a rectangle on the back of the foam rectangle you cut out. Then cut along the lines you just drew. This will make your buckle.

10. Hot glue that to the center of the black ribbon “belt” you made to finish the look.

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