Maria Provenzano is adding some extra holiday cheer to your home with this DIY.


  • Foam ball
  • Paint
  • Water
  • Celluclay (instant paper mache)
  • Paint pens
  • Gue gun
DIY Ho Ho Ho Sign - Home & Family


1. Cut the bottom of the foam ball so that it can sit flat.

2. Mix up the celluclay according to package instructions and cover the foam ball; allow to dry completely.

3. Once the foam ball is dry, paint it and let dry

4. Shape the celluclay into the desired shape antlers to attach to foam ball

5. Once celluclay is dry, paint antlers & allow to dry.

6. Using paint pens to draw the eyes and mouth

7. Get celluclay and shape it into a ball let dry

8. Once dry paint red and that will be your nose

9. Use hot glue to attach nose ball on foam

10. Attach antlers to foam ball

11. Add any extra details that you like

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