Shirley Bovshow is making her own wreath using fresh and dried herbs.


  • Metal plant basket
  • Floral chicken wire
  • Self-stick sheet moss
  • 24 gauge floral wire
  • Wire cutters
  • Pruners, scissors
  • An assortment of fresh and dried herbs
  • An assortment of fresh and dried herbs
  • Lazy Susan
  • Craft glue


1. Start with prepping your basket.

2. Using place the self-stick sheet moss along the wire of the basket.

3. Then you’re going to drape the floral chicken wire on top.

4. Now to prep the herb put them in bundles if you prefer. Wire together a few long pieces of each different herb or create bundles of mixed herbs. It’s also ok not to bundle the herbs and just weave individual long pieces through the wire and secure with floral wire to frame.

5. Just keep continuing to the top & put rosemary or whatever herb you chose to fill in.

6. Then it’s time for the dried citrus. Just using craft glue attach the dried citrus along the wire.

7. To display you could definitely hang this. Just suspend it from the ceiling. Or you can just place it on top of a clear vase that’s filled with lights.

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