DIY Halloween Goodie Bags

Learn to make some fun goodie bags that are perfect for Halloween.
DIY Halloween Goodie Bags
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Materials for Goodie Bags with Witch Hat Clips

  • Glitter paper
  • Clothespins
  • Circle punch
  • Glue
  • Scissors
  • Glitter ribbon

Materials for Ghost Bags

  • White or clear bags
  • Googly eyes
  • Glue
  • Black sticker letters
  • Scrapbook label stickers

Materials for Scarecrow Bags

  • Treat bags
  • Scissors
  • Glue gun
  • Burlap ribbon, 4” wide
  • Raffia ribbon
  • Googly eyes
  • Felt sheets, whatever colors you like for the nose
  • Black puff paint
  • Ruler
  • Wax paper or piece of regular paper

Directions for Goodie Bags with Witch Hat Clips

  1. Punch or cut out a circle from glitter paper
  2. Create a smaller hole in the center glitter paper hole. (Use scissors or smaller punch hole to create)
  3. Cut two identical triangles from glitter paper
  4. Glue a triangle to each side of the clothespin
  5. Place circle over clothespin
  6. Fold over to create the brim of the hat
  7. Secure with glue
  8. Attach a bow using glue
  9. Fill a treat bag and secure with a witch hat clip
  10. Enjoy!

Directions for Ghost Bags

  1. Glue googly eyes to the front of the bag
  2. Let dry
  3. Fill clear bag with white/light colored treats and sweets
  4. Seal the bag with the label sticker
  5. Add letters to spell “boo” onto the label
  6. Enjoy

Directions for Scarecrow Bags

  1. Cut the ribbon about 14” long
  2. Fold in half, and glue around the two long sides, leaving the top open
  3. Place a piece of wax paper, or piece of paper, in the center of the bag so that when you glue on the face it won’t stick together
  4. Cut out a piece of felt for the nose
  5. Glue on the eyes and nose, keeping the face towards the lower third of the bag with the glue gun
  6. Then, draw on the mouth with the black puff paint

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