DIY Guess the Family Member

Cameron Mathison is making a fun game using the family members' pictures.


  • 2 Craft Wood Boards
  • Craft Wood Rectangles (these come in a pack from the craft store)
  • Card Stock
  • Glue (Hot glue, super glue & Glue stick)
  • Small Hinges & Screws (hinges come in a pack with screws)
  • Small Screwdriver
  • Drill w/ small drill bit (small enough to fit inside of hinges holes)
  • 2 Small pieces of craft wood
  • Paint & Paint Brush (optional for painting back of craft wood rectangles)


1. Gather photos of each family member

2. Use photo editing app to erase everything but the family members face and hair (we used a free app called “erase” available on smartphones)

3. Print 3 copies (2 copies will be used for the boards, 3rd copy will be used as a playing card) of each family member’s photo on cardstock (size depends on how big your craft wood rectangles are). Cut photos out into squares that match up to your wooden rectangle plaques.

4. Optional: For playing cards you can leave them as is, or you can download our logo and glue them to the back.

5. Glue non-playing card photos to plaques using glue stick

6. Glue hinges to the bottom of each plaque using super glue

7. To attach plaques to main board you’ll want to first map out your rows and the distant between each plaque. Create a grid with a pencil and ruler as a guideline.

8. Note: Don’t forget to leave about an inch of space at the front, where your playing card will go.

9. Once you created a grid, you want to pre-drill a small hole where you’ll be screwing in your hinges. To do this grab a drill with a small drill bit. Take one of your square plaques with a glued on hinge and line it up to where you want to place it on the board. Pre-drill two holes where the hinge will go. Repeat across entire board. Repeat on second board.

10. Erase pencil marks

11. Once you have all the predrilled holes done you can start screwing the plaques to the main boards. All you need to do this is a small screwdriver. Repeat this step until both boards are done!

12. To create the slot that holds your card, just take two small pieces of craft wood and hot glue them parallel to each other, leaving a small space in between.

*Optional: Print logo onto transfer paper and iron onto bag. You can use this bag to hold your player cards. Time to play!

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