A DIY from Orly Shani.


  • Dritz Grommet Kit - comes with the anvil and setter, along with 10 grommets
  • Additional packs of grommet refills depending on how many you want to use
  • Heavy Hammer
  • Strong surface or table
  • Scissors
  • Marker
  • Hole punch (elective)
  • Drawstring of your choosing
  • Piece of clothing


1) Find a top that you want to lace up. You can choose a v-neck sweater that is already open or a sweatshirt, which you will cut open.

2) Fold your sweatshirt in half at the neckline and cut a deep v-neck. Starting at 2" wide and ending at nothing. this will create your v-neck when you open it up.

3) Measure how far apart you want your grommets and mark each spot with a pen.

4) Puncture a hole on each marked point and then expand the hole with your scissors so the grommets will fit.

5) Follow the instructions and image guide on the grommet kit : Anvil, grommet, fabric, eyelet, setter then hammer.

6) You will hammer on the setter 15 times or until the grommet has rolled down over the eyelet and sandwiched the fabric in between.

7) Apply all the grommets and then lace through the roping of your choice

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