Ken Wingard is giving you the perfect DIY to help you give thanks this Thanksgiving.


  • 11x14 Black Sketch Book (or any size you prefer)
  • Mod Podge
  • Cardboard
  • Paper Towels
  • Glue

DIY Gratitude Journal - Home & Family


Cut 1 and ½ stripes of matt board (ie, from picture frames)
Cut and glue strips to create border on front of book
Cut a 4x8 rectangle
Use masking tape to protect all pages of book
Glue to center of book
Brush cover with Mod Podge
Rip paper towel sheets and lay randomly onto top of cover-ensuring that entire top of book is covered
Brush with more mod podge on top
Fold over edges and use mod podge to adhere to back of cover repeat on back of book if desired
Let dry

Create Faux finish

Base coat of light acrylic paint brushed on
Let dry
Add Wood stain (water based lets it dry quicker)
Add shoe polish (cream variety)
Let dry
remove tape from pages
Glue front page of book to front cover to hide the raw edges

Wood letter
Cut card stock into oval
Glue on wood letters
Paint gold
Antique gold paint with additional shoe polish
Adhere to center rectable to spray adhesive
Glue on card stock

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