DIY expert Michelle Villemaire is showing you how to make your own gourd containers at home.


  • dried gourds
  • handsaw or jigsaw
  • pencil
  • glossy spray paint
  • paint pens
  • mask
  • goggles
  • old spoon/utensil for cleaning out gourds
DIY Dried Gourd Containers - Home & Family


1) Make line w/pencil where you want to cut the lid.

2) Drill hole so you can get your saw blade in gourd (outside, clamp down, googles, mask, tie hair).

3) Either handsaw or jigsaw lid and remove.

4) Clean out seeds and dust.

5) Spray paint. (let dry about an hour)

6) Hand paint details/ Add embellishments (EX: if no stem, glue or nail a tassel to top of lid)

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