Maria Provenzano stops by with a bit of shine and sparkle for your home!

Materials for the Vase:

  • Gold Foil sheets with the recommended adhesive and sealer
  • Paintbrush; one dry, one for gluing vase

Materials to use on Fabric:

  • Cotton/canvas tote bag
  • Gold transfer foil
  • Foil transfer adhesive
  • Paintbrush
  • Parchment paper
  • Iron
  • Scissors; depending on what design you plan on doing
  • Paper plate

Materials for Gold Leaf Painted Mugs:

  • Gold Leaf Paint
  • Mug
  • Small rounded paintbrush for dots, or foam brush for a “brushstroke” look

Directions for Vase:

  1. Clean the vase (or whatever you choose) and make sure that it is completely dry
  2. Apply the adhesive with the paintbrush to where you would like the gold to be
  3. Allow the adhesive to dry slightly and becomes tacky to the touch
  4. Once you have the adhesive on you can carefully remove the sheet of gold foil from the package and apply it to the area you painted the adhesive on
  5. Do this until the entire area where the glue is applied is all covered
  6. If you have trouble getting the sheet of gold foil off the paper it comes on you can use a dry paint brush to brush it off and that will help; make sure your hands are clean and dry; it helps to have a damp towel near by along with a dry towel to keep hands clean if they touch the glue
  7. This gold foil is very fragile and will break, but don’t worry you can reuse the pieces that break off and that is what makes it look beautiful
  8. Use a dry paintbrush to gently press the gold onto the adhesive if you need assistance
  9. Once you have applied all of your gold let it dry for about 30-45 minutes
  10. Once it is dry brush off the excess gold with a dry paint brush
  11. Apply the sealer to the gold foil making sure you cover the entire thing, especially the edges, in a thin layer
  12. Allow to dry completely
  13. Place in pretty flowers!
  14. Once you need to wash this I recommend hand-washing it with gentle soap

Directions for Fabric:

  1. Squeeze some of the adhesive glue onto a paper plate
  2. Brush a thin layer of glue onto your tote bag in the desired design
  3. Let glue dry slightly for about 30 seconds
  4. Place a sheet of the gold transfer foil on top of the adhesive, silver side down, gold facing up
  5. Place a sheet of parchment paper on top of the gold foil and iron for about 20 seconds
  6. Let sit until completely cooled
  7. Then, peel away the gold foil
  8. Let gold foil set for about 72 hours before use

Directions for Mug:

  1. Work in a well-ventilated area
  2. Make sure the mug is clean
  3. With the lid securely closed on the gold foil, shake well until the paint is evenly mixed
  4. Make sure the mug is clean and dry
  5. Dip the paint brush in the gold leaf and paint desired design; a little goes a long way
  6. Wash the paintbrush immediately after use
  7. The gold leaf paint dries very fast, so if a mistake is made try to wipe it as quickly as possible
  8. Allow the mugs to dry for 48 hours before using
  9. This paint can be used on almost any surface so feel free to get creative!
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