Cat owner Paige Hemmis is giving you a list of fun projects that you can do at home using a glue gun.


    DIY Glue Gun Projects - Home & Family

    Cat hairbrush:

    1) Add hot glue dots all over rubber glove

    Glue gun knife sheath:

    1) Use Vaseline And Cover One Side Of A Knife

    2) Use Glue Gun And Cover Knife With Hot Glue

    3) Cover Other Side With Vaseline

    4) Cover Same Side With Hot Glue

    5) Let Dry

    6) Slide Glue Off And It Will Become A Cover

    Paint Brush Board:

    1) On A Plastic Clip Board Place Small Dots Of Hot Glue (2 Rows)

    2) Next Two Rows, Make Bigger Dots

    3) Next Two Rows Make Squiggly Line

    4) One Row Of Big Circle With Dot In The Middle

    5) Next 4 Rows Straight Lines

    6) Last 3 Rows Should Be A Chevron Pattern

    7) Let Dry

    Check out more fun DIY projects at the Home & Family Pinterest Page

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