Paige Hemmis is showing you how to decorate your lawn for the holidays with this fun and festive DIY.


  • Gold mesh ribbon (24” wide)
  • Red mesh ribbon (6” wide)
  • ¼” square wood moulding
  • Super glue and/or fabric tack
  • Small metal corner brackets
  • Gold spray paint
  • Light
DIY Glowing Lawn Gifts - Home & Family


1. Depending on the size you would like to make, measure and cut your square wood molding to size. (We will provide a cut list for your hardware store. We are using only straight cuts so the hardware store will do it for you.)

2. Attach the wood together to make a box. Glue the pieces of wood together.

3. Add the small metal corner brackets to the top of an angled corner. Use super glue.

4. Once a cube is created, spray paint with gold. Set aside to dry.

5. Roll out a section of the gold mesh ribbon. You will be using this to wrap the entire cube.
Cut a bit extra to use for the applying method.

6. Add fabric tack glue to the structure and stretch the gold mesh ribbon out so that it is
taught and flush.

7. Once the glue is dry, cut the remaining excess fabric from the cube.

8. Four panels can be done with one piece of ribbon. For the other two sides, repeat steps 5,
6 and 7.

9. Take the smaller red mesh ribbon and tie it around the box/cube like you would a regular
gift-wrapped present. Add a bow to the top of only the top box (if you plan to stack them like
we are).

10. Cut a small hole on the bottom box for the light. Insert the light, or string Christmas lights
around the inside.

11. Plug in and enjoy your lighted lawn gifts!

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