What you'll need:
· Two hanging flower baskets (to create one chandelier)
· solar lights (found in garden stores) or old christmas lights · zip ties · chain hangars!

· If you have any dead flowers hanging from those flower baskets this is the time to take those down and create some magic…remove items/flowers from basket. · Next, you’ll take the two flower baskets and put them together to form a globe shape, fill the baskets with the solar lights or christmas tree. (we chose solar lights because they give a more delicate look) · Then you will tie the zip tie around the areas in which both baskets meet to “seal” it closed. · One of the baskets will have the chain hangar still attached make sure it remains outside the globe so its easily accessible for hanging purposes. · For a variety of lengths you can add an additional chain hangar to the top of the basket. · The last step hang your twinkling chandelier! · It’s also a great way and place to store your tangled up christmas lights. This idea was inspired from: