The perfect addition to Paige and Jason's wedding.


  • 1/4" Rope
  • Mason jar
  • Bailing wire
  • Green moss
  • Battery candle/tea light
  • Wire cutters
  • Scissors


Version 1

1) Wrap several lengths of bailing wire around lip of open mason jar. Slip a short length of wire through the wrapped lengths and create a curved hanging handle.
2) Loop rope around handle and tie off with wire.
3) Place some moss in jar, place candle in. Hang by rope.

Version 2
1) Drill a small hole in lid of mason jar. Pull rope through and tie a knot.
2) Add moss and candle
3) Screw lid on and hang.

Clean bottle and remove labels
Use glass cutter to score the bottle where you want it to separate                                                                        
Dip in hot and then cold bath until glass separates
Sand rough edges

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