DIY Glass Mercury Christmas Mirror

Orly Shani is getting into the holiday spirit with this DIY.


  • Glass & frame
  • Mirrored paint spray
  • Vinegar
  • Water
  • Paper towel
  • Paint pens
DIY Mercury Glass Christmas Mirror - Home & Family


1. Spray mirrored paint spray on the backside of glass. You should do this in portions, starting from the top.

2. While the back is still wet, spritz with vinegar/water mixture in a spray bottle.

3. Immediately take paper towel & dab/pull to get desired look.

4. Repeat these steps for a second coat.

5. Once dry take the backing of the frame & flip it so it's backside up. This will help make the
silver pop.

6. Take you paint pens, and stencil if needed, and create your lettering a design.

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