Ken Wingard is keeping you organized with this kid-friendly DIY.


  • 2 sheets of 1/4” plywood (approx. 4’x6’)
  • 3 - wood paper towel holders
  • 6’ wide, 1” dowel
  • Roll of drawing paper
  • Paint (2 colors)
DIY Giant Clipboard - Home & Family


1. Draw two clipboard clips on one piece of plywood, approximately 4 feet across.

2. Cut out using jig saw

3. Use a jig saw to round the corners of the other sheet of plywood

4. Remove rod from paper towel holders

5. Cut one paper towel holder in half

6. Attach uncut paper towel holder to attached clip using screws

7. Attach cut paper towel holder to the back of the second clip, making sure that the two
halves are mounted wider than the uncut holder

8. Attach the cut off sides from the thirds paper towel holder to the outer edge of the
mounted clip

9. Cut a piece of dowel to be slightly larger than the mounted holder that was cut in half

10. Cut a second dowel to fit widest paper towel holder sides

11. Paint all pieces and dowel

12. Use screws to attach the clip with two sets of paper towel holders to the top of the large

piece of plywood

13. Align offset paper towel holders on the clips and slide a dowel through the four holes

14. Pass larger dowel through art paper and insert into widest holder sides

15. Hang paper

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