You will bug out over Maria Provenzano’s DIY Garden Bugs that are too cute.
DIY Garden Bugs
Outdoor Decor
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  • Wooden craft shapes
  • Wooden clothespins
  • Popsicle sticks
  • Paint in desired colors, craft or exterior depending on use
  • Paintbrushes
  • Paperclips in desired color for antennae
  • Wire snips
  • X-Acto knife
  • Hot glue gun and glue sticks


  • Paint pens
  • Small craft wood plaque or rectangle
  • Clear sealant


  1. Cut any pieces needed with an X-Acto knife on a cutting mat. For instance, to create the ladybug wings, cut a second circle the same size as the body in half.
  2. Arrange the wooden pieces to figure out what kind of bug you want to make and what it will look like.
  3. Paint the pieces desired base colors, allow to dry.
  4. Glue the pieces together in desired bug arrangement.
  5. For the antennae, cut the paper clips on the curve with snips.
  6. Glue the antennae on in place.
  7. Add details like dots on the ladybugs with paint and a fine paintbrush or paint pens. Allow to dry.
  8. If you want to use these as plant markers, glue a popsicle stick on to the back of a small wooden craft plaque or rectangle then paint the center with some white paint. Glue the bugs on then write plant names with a permanent marker. PRO TIP: if placing the bugs outside, seal with a clear sealant for longevity. Allow to cure accordingly to instruction’s time.
  9. Place in garden or plant pots and enjoy!
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