Ali's DIY Game Day Tablescape is a great way to decorate for the game and protect your coffee table.


  • Eco-Rug in green
  • Clear vinyl
  • Football paper pattern (3 different sizes)
  • 1/8” white rubber
  • Heavy-duty scissors
  • Fabri-Tac
  • Expo marker
  • Chalk
  • Rotary cutter
  • Metal ruler
  • Cutting mat


1. Print out a football silhouette in 3 different sizes. Cut them out. These are your pattern pieces. *The smallest football should be a good size for a coaster. *

2. Decide how big you want your runner to be, mark with an Expo marker and cut your clear vinyl down to size. *The vinyl should be slightly oversized to cut around the footballs. *

3. Trace and cut a bunch of footballs in various sizes out of the green Eco-Rug.

4. Arrange the footballs to make sure you like the placement.

5. Once you like the placement, adhere the footballs with glue.

6. To create the lacing of your footballs, cut a bunch of thin strips of the rubber sheeting. *The width of your strips will depend on the size of your footballs, the bigger the football the wider the strips. *

7. Cut the strips down to length for the lacing.

8. Adhere the long lace first. Glue on the two outer cross stitches first, then the inner two for accurate spacing. Repeat on each football.

9. Cut the outer edge of your runner to the shape of your football arrangement.


1. Cut as many coasters as you want out of the Eco-Rug by using the smallest football pattern.

2. Adhere your footballs onto the rubber sheeting, allow the glue to cure.

3. Cut the rubber to the shape of each football. Now your coasters have a non-slip base.

4. Cut rubber sheeting into strips for the lacing.

5. Adhere the lacing to the coaster.

6. Allow the glue to cure and enjoy!

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