Paige Hemmis is creating a beautiful wall hanging you can make at home.


  • frames
  • backing board
  • foam board
  • mod podge
  • paint brush
DIY Gallery Wall Message - Home & Family


1. Collect different vintage Hall postcards and place on top of backing board and frame, add foam board to give the 3D look

2. For vintage book cover print a color copy of the book you want: For this project it is a Mark
Twain book

3. Glue print over an old book

4. Once print is dry apply Mod Podge over print and book

5. Optional: sand and add faux stain with brown acrylic paint

6. Once dry place in frame

7. Place vintage movie reel in frame

8. On the bottom of the movie reel frame place ampersand

9. Frame photograph of mist trees in a bigger frame

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