DIY Frosty the Snow Tree with Tanya Memme


  • White artificial Christmas tree ($40 at Walmart)
  • Urethane craft ball for head of snow man- $10
  • 3-4 black ornaments for "buttons" on tree- $2
  • Red scarf- $5 (or free if you have at home)
  • Red pom pom for nose (dollar store or home)
  • Googly eyes (dollar store or home)
  • Black rain boots (in your home)
  • Wooden dowell- $1
  • White/silver spray paint (matte finish)- $6
  • Spray snow- $2/can
  • 2 tree branches for arms
  • A flower for the hat- $2
  • Top hat- $10 (or free if you have at home)
  • A ribbon for top hat- $1 (or free if you have at home)


  1. Take out tree and assemble.
  2. Fluff tree branches to appear more full.
  3. Stuff inner tree branches with batting where the tree appears thin.
  4. Insert wooden dowel into the urethane ball.
  5. Spray paint dowell and head, allow to dry.
  6. Spray paint branches for arms.
  7. Once head dries, glue googley eyes and nose and paint/draw on mouth.
  8. Glue ribbon and flower onto hat, allow to dry.
  9. Glue hat to head.
  10. Place scarf, boots, arms, and buttons (black ornaments) on tree.
  11. Place head on the top of the tree. (You can secure with zip tie to top branches.)

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