Orly Shani's stylish way to kick up our feet.


  • Ottoman with removable top
  • Long fringe to height of ottoman or as close as possible
  • Hot glue gun and glue sticks
  • Fabric scissors


  • Contrast colors of fringe


  1. Remove the top of the ottoman then begin to glue the fringe binding onto the inside top edge of the ottoman. Leave the fringe on the spool until finished gluing.
  2. For full coverage attach two layers of fringe.
  3. Once all outside is covered and the trim binding is firmly adhered, cut any excess fringe.
  4. If the trim you purchased is too long, place the ottoman on a tabletop, hang it off the edge so the fringe dangles then trim to appropriate length with scissors as you rotate it.
  5. To create the color block fringe ottoman cut sections of contrasting pieces of fringe then adhere to the inner top edge of the ottoman.
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