Maria Provenzano is adding some extra floral decor to your bathroom with this DIY using plaster of paris.


  • Silk flowers
  • plaster of paris 
  • jars with lids
  • spray paint 
  • wire cutters
  • wax paper 
  • optional: paint, tea candles, food coloring  glue gun or industrial strength glue  gloves 


1) Cut down the stem of the flowers with wire cutters

2) Wear gloves

3) Mix the plaster with water according to package instructions; a 2 parts plaster of paris to one part water is usually good for this; similar to the consistency of pancake batter

4) Dip the entire flower until it is well coated

5) Place on wax paper, or hang to dry over wax paper using a hanger or something similar

6) Allow to dry completely

7) Cut the "stem" down more if needed

8) Spray paint or paint if desired

9) Spray paint the lids the jars; allow to dry

10) Glue the flowers to the top of the jar

You can change the color of the plaster using food coloring if desired

These can be painted or spray painted

White flowers work best, since sometimes the darker silk flowers and dye the color of the plaster

Work quickly since the plaster dries fast, so make sure all your flowers are ready to go before starting

If making a votive, use a larger flower and cut the "stem" of the flower so that it will sit flat; then dip in the plaster and set flat onto the wax paper, using your hands (covered in gloves) to move the stems of the center of the flower to create a space for the tea candle. You can also cover a tea candle in plaster wrap and place it in the center of the flower as it dries

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