Daniel Kohler builds a floating orb out of leftover Christmas tinsel.

DIY Water Orb - Home & Family


1. First, take some of that leftover tinsel from Christmas and separate 6 strands.

2. Tie the strands in a knot at both ends, creating a slim bundle, snip off any extra length after the knots.

3. Take any piece of PVC pipe you have laying around (1-inch diameter is great), and rub it through your hair, or against a wool sweater. You’re going to give the pipe a negative charge.

4. Hold the pipe out in front of you, and drop the mylar bundle onto it. First, the mylar bundle will be attracted to the pipe, because it has a positive charge and the pipe is negatively charged (opposites attract is a real chemistry phrase). But then, as soon as the mylar tinsel touches the pipe, it will take on some of the electrons, quickly gaining a negative charge. The mylar and the pipe are now both negative and will repel each other. The mylar strands will even push against themselves, creating a small orb in the air as you move it around with the PVC pipe below.

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