Fabric measurements:
Adult - 3 yards
Child - 2 yards Baby/Toddler - 1 1/2 yards
Dog - 1 yard of fabric Instructions:

 -Buy two pieces of fleece that you think would look good together and that have the same width.
-Cut off any irregular edges of your fleece if needed.
-Lay out your fleece on top of one another and match up all the edges as much as possible. Fleece sticks together fairly well, so there is no need to pin together your fleece.
-Now you can start cutting. Start out at one of the corners. Cut a 5” square out of the corners, then start moving down each side of your fleece cutting about every 1 inch, cutting 5 inch strips, and then tie twice.
Note: The fleece does have two stretchy sides that will be a little harder to tie, but don’t worry just be a little more delicate with those sides so it doesn’t stretch too much out of shape. Get more from Andrea on twitter: @andreaschroder.