Ali Fedotowsky-Manno is making baby-friendly felt snowmen out of various shapes and colors of felt.


  • Large Sheet of White Felt
  • Assorted Colored Felt (You can buy cheap assorted color pieces from most craft stores, or use scraps)
  • Command Strips (Or 2-sided Poster Tape)
  • Scissors
  • Fabri-Tac
  • Fabric Marker

DIY Felt Snowmen - Home & Family


1) Cut a Large Snowman Shape out of White Felt as the base. (You can use two different sized plates or wood rounds. Or even free-hand)

2) From Assorted Colored Felts, cut out shapes of your choice. Examples:
· Orange Triangle (Carrot Nose)
· Small Black Circles (Eyes, Nose, Mouth, Buttons)
· Smiling Mouth
· Brown “sticks” (Arms)
· Black Top Hat
· Red and White Santa Hat
· Tie or Bowtie
· Other Various Colored Accessories

3) Attach Snowman base to wall using Command Strips or 2-Sided Poster Tape (Normal Tape might hurt your paint)

4) Keep snowman pieces in a box or bag to keep neat.

5) Let children build their snowman! (Felt will stick to other pieces of felt, so the snowman can be made and remade over and over again!)

*Optional – The Snowman Base can be attached to a piece of poster board for more stability. On the other hand, leaving it loose will make it easier to store.

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