Actress Renee Lawless is showing you how to make a decorative wreath out of felt.


  • Felt – amount varies depending on size of wreath and density of ruffles, but 2 ½ - 3 yards based on 72 wide.
  • Stick Pins – 250 to 400 depending upon wreath size and density of ruffles
  • Foam Wreath Form in your preferred size
  • Circle Cutter ( a must have) or you can draw with a template and a cut but it will take MUCH longer
  • Ribbon - For hanging wreath ( or a wreath hook will do).
  • Embellishments: For sign, construction paper, felt pen, peel and stick letters.
  • Scissors


1) Start by using the circle rotary cutter to cut your felt circles. For this particular wreath, I made my circles 4″ wide for this project. ( they can be 2” wide for smaller wreaths or smaller pile)You will need approx. 280 – 300 circles.

2) To affix the felt circles to the wreath, simply fold the felt circle in half, and then in half again ( for full rosette Lie I did, fold circle in half then fold in thirds(your piece should essential be a quarter-pie shape).

3) Use a stick pin and push it through the felt, near tip bottom and then push the felt into the wreath. Repeat this process, overlapping your ruffles so that the foam does not show through.

4) Fold circle in half then fold in thirds

5) Fluff and open your ruffles as you go along.

** NOTE: If you you hang your wreath on a wood door or wall, there is no need to add rosettes all the around the form. You can leave some of the back showing. If you hang on glass, simply pin flat half circles in a fan-like fashion to cover back.

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