DIY Faux Living Plant Wall

Maria Provenzano creates a faux living plant wall.


  • Artificial Turf (enough to cover entire wall area)
  • Two 1x3 Boards (length of wall)
  • Screws (long enough to attach 1x3 into your stud)
  • Hex Netting (aka Chicken Wire)
  • Power Drill
  • Box Cutter
  • Wire Cutter
  • Zip Ties
  • Staple Gun
  • Faux Plants (variety of sizes, textures, and shades)
  • Large Picture Frames
  • Glue Gun
  • Faux Flowers
DIY Faux Living Plant Wall - Home & Family


1. Attach first 1x3 along top of wall. Screw into stud.

2. Attach second 1x3 along bottom of wall. Screw into stud.

3. Screw in artificial turf into the 1x3 along the top of the wall (have a friend help).
a. Depending on thickness or artificial turf, you can use screws or staple gun.

4. Let artificial turf hang down to bottom. Secure along bottom 1x3 using either screws or staple gun.

5. Attach chicken wire to top with either screws or staple gun. Roll down to bottom and attach with screws or staple gun.

6. Use wire cutters to cut foliage design into chicken wire.

7. To secure chicken wire border, cut two holes with box cutter in artificial turf around the part of chicken wire that needs to be held down.

8. Slide zip ties through holes and around chicken wire frame. Insert and pull tight. Remove excess zip tie.

9. Insert faux flowers in chicken wire hexagons until overflowing.

10. Glue faux flowers onto frames with glue gun.

a. Optional: Fill frame with chicken wire and insert faux flowers until overflowing.

11. Hang frames on living plant wall the same way you would normally hang a frame.
a. If needed: To get to wall, use box cutter, cut a small hole in artificial turf where screw to hang frame will be inserted.

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