Orly Shani is making some fashionable pillows using faux fur fabric and a sewing machine.


  • Faux fur fabric
  • Pillow insert
  • sewing machine
  • fabric scissors
  • pins
  • paper for pattern 


1. First, cut out a pattern that matches the pillow-insert you have

2. Then cut that pattern into different geometric patterns

3. Use these patterns to trace and cut out shapes out of the fur fabric

4. Sew the different shapes together to recreate your square/pillow-insert shape

5. Once you have sewn a front square and a back square, sew those front and back squares together (NOTE: you must sew them together inside out so the seam won’t show and make sure to leave one side open so you can insert the pillow!)

6. Insert pillow

7. Sew 4th side shut

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