Orly Shani makes a DIY family collage inspired by the new film "Little Women."


  • Photo frame with mat
  • Family photos, scanned and printed
  • Print of family motto
  • School glue stick
  • Scissors, X-Acto knife & ruler or paper cutter


1. Cut your pictures down to size for the mat. You don’t want to ruin the original photos so it’s best to scan the pictures in and print out copies.

Pro Tip: Once you’ve cut one photo to a good size, use it as a template for the other photos.

2. Arrange the photos on the mat before gluing, make sure you alternate photos with similar colors, so you don’t create a color block.

3. Glue the photos onto the mat.

4. Place the print of your family motto. Cut the paper down to fit the frame if necessary.

5. Display as desired and enjoy!

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