Ali Fedowtowsky-Manno is making a fun, family-friendly DIY costume using felt.


  • Brown Felt
  • Dark Brown Felt
  • Poly-Fil
  • Ribbon or Felt Strips
  • Fabric Glue


1) Cut 2 equal circle shapes out of felt (These are the cookie pieces, so hold fabric against body to see what size you want)

2) Put fabric glue around edges of circle and glue them together, leaving about 4 inches of space unglued. Wait for glue to dry.

3) Turn “cookie” inside out to hide the seams

4) Fill “cookie” with stuffing material, and close the remaining gap with fabric glue

5) Cut dark brown felt into chocolate chips (Or make whatever kind of cookie you desire! Rainbow Sprinkles, Macadamia Nuts, Raisins, etc.)

6) Glue ribbon or strips of felt connecting the two pillows. Straps need to be far enough apart to fit over shoulders, but close enough to not fall off

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