Maria Provenzano is getting your home ready for fall with these DIYs.

Materials for Fall Pallet Sign

  • Pallet
  • Paint
  • Paint brush
  • Glue
  • Wheat
  • Letters

Materials for Terrarium Lanterns

  • Lanterns
  • Moss
  • Stones
  • Faux succulent plant
  • Misc. fall embellishments

Materials for Pumpkin Fireplace

  • Pumpkins (various sizes and shapes)
  • Optional: Glue
DIY Fall Mantlescape - Home & Family


1. Select a fall paint color and cover your pallet with paint.

2. Choose a contrasting color and paint your letters to spell “FALL”

3. Once the pallet and letters are dry, glue the letters on the pallet and leave the space for “A” open.

4. Glue small bunch of wheat to replace where the “A” letter would be.

5. Let dry and hang above your fireplace.


1. Build a foundation of moss and stones inside the lantern.

2. Add faux succulent plant.

3. Add additional plants and fall elements.

4. Place on mantle as decorative piece.


1. Measure your fireplace to determine how many pumpkins you need to fill it.

2. Starting with the largest pumpkins at the bottom, begin stacking pumpkins and fill the fireplace.

3. Optional: Secure with glue.

4. Fill in the blank spaces with fall embellishments like leaves and small pumpkins.

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