Add some curb appeal to your home with this leafy front door décor.
DIY Fall Door Decor
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  • Canvas drop cloth
  • Aluminum flat bar (2)
  • 3” heavy-duty elastic
  • Faux fall leaves
  • Wooden craft letters
  • Faux pumpkins (various sizes and shapes)
  • Orange spray paint
  • 3M 90 spray adhesive
  • Disposable gloves
  • Hot glue gun and glue sticks
  • Box cutter or X-Acto Knife
  • Scissors
  • Optional:
  • Needle and thread
  • Paint pen


  1. Cut your canvas to the width of your door, leaving a 1/2” seam allowance and hem the edges with some glue. *The height of your canvas should account for wrapping around to the back of your door with a 3” overhang at the top and bottom.*
  2. Glue one aluminum bar to the top of your canvas and the other to the bottom. Roll each one over to cover in fabric and secure with hot glue. *The size of your aluminum flat bar will be determined by the width of your door.*
  3. Using your scissors, cut a 3” slit starting 3 inches inset from each edge of your canvas just above the aluminum bar. Do this on both the top and bottom. *Secure the edges of your slits with glue to prevent fraying.*
  4. Slide a piece of elastic through the slit on the bottom of your door. Loop it over onto itself and secure with glue, if desired reinforce with a few hand stitches.
  5. With a separate piece of elastic repeat step 4 with the other slit at the bottom of your door cover.
  6. Hang your canvas over your door at the right height, close it so it hangs well and use your scissors to cut an “X” where the bulge of your knobs and locks are.
  7. Cut away any excess material, remove the canvas from the door, and seal the edges of your cuts with glue.
  8. Spray paint your canvas orange to camouflage it.
  9. Use your box cutter to cut the pumpkins in half.
  10. If desired, accent the edges of your letters with the paint pen.
  11. Place your letters and pumpkins then trace their placement onto the canvas once you’re happy with it.
  12. Hot glue everything in place.
  13. Put on your gloves and apply spray adhesive to your canvas in sections. Begin adhering leaves, to the canvas until you can’t see any more fabric!
  14. Trim away any leaves covering your letters for a crisp, clean look.
  15. Once you have all your décor secured, slide the loose ends of the elastic to the corresponding slit at the top. *DO NOT SECURE THIS YET.*
  16. Slide the door cover onto the door, making sure everything is place and your door handle and locks are through the appropriate holes.
  17. Pull the elastic taut to support the weight of your decorations.
  18. Glue in the elastic at the top in place on each side and secure with a few hand stitches if desired.
  19. Enjoy!

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