Shirley Bovshow is taking since cones, twigs, bard and moss and turning them into a magical fairy house.


  • Smooth Gourd
  • Pine round
  • Pine Cones
  • ¾ - 1” felt strips
  • Craft “fairy door”
  • ¼” Hexagonal glass
  • Brown putty
  • Twigs, Bark & Moss
  • Copper wire
  • Garden decorations


  • Hot glue gun
  • Palette or tapered putty knife
  • Pliers, wire cutters
DIY Fairy House - Home & Family


1) Glue gourd to pine round

2) Dismantle pine cones to create thatched roof tiles

3) Glue pine cone "tiles" to felt strips

4) Layer and glue felt strips around gourd to create roof

5) Glue door (purchased at a craft store) onto flatest surface

6) Press brown putty into gaps around door

7) Press and glue tiny twigs (pre-cut) into putty

8) Glue hexagonal (1/4 inch thick) glass pieces onto gourd

9) Fill around glass with putty (like door)

10) Press twigs into putty around windows (3)

11) Fill in roof gaps with several types of moss

12) Bundle tiny branches together and tie with copper wire resting against fairy house to create steps

13) Prepare the garden in a decorative planter. Make sure it has soil and hearty indoor plants

14) Embed a can or sturdy surface to support 'pine round' with the house; and you can raise it to the proper height in planter

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