DIY Eye Chart Art with Jessie Jane


  • Wooden Letters (unfinished, unpainted) from a craft or art shop
  • 16x20 Frame
  • 16x20 Card Stock (contrasting color to your letters)
  • White and Black Spray Paint, Tacky Glue, Pencil and Ruler, Tape, Spray Paint


  1. Take the backer out of the frame and discard.
  2. Lay out your 16x20 cardstock.
  3. We use wooden letters from the craft store. You can use stencils or press on letters. There are lots of choices. This font is a serif meaning it has little tails on the stems. If you want a more modern look you could get sans serif (no tails).
  4. It’s important that you break words (carry them over to the next line) so your message isn’t clear right away.
  5. Place your letters exactly where you want them spaced.
  6. Use a ruler to keep your letters straight.
  7. Glue the letters one by one and allow to dry.
  8. Adhere letters to the matte using tacky the glue.

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