Shirley Bovshow shows you how to make your Christmas decorations come to life using evergreens and other plants you may have in your backyard.


  • Sleigh
  • Plastic window box
  • Floral foam blocks
  • Evergreens (cedar cuttings, noble fir, magnolia leaves, holly berrie, tall birch branches)
  • Wilt Pruf spray
DIY Evergreen Sleigh - Home & Family

1. Insert plastic window boxes with floral foam blocks inside of the sleigh (pack them in tight)
Tip: If you live in an area with a cold/wet climate use dry floral foam blocks. If you live an area with a warm/dry climate use wet floral foam blocks

2. Use cedar cuttings to disguise the foam and plastic window box by inserting along the edge to cover sides

3. Use noble fir to soften and cover the back of the sleigh

4. For the middle of the sleigh, insert magnolia leaves and holly berries for a pop of color

5. Add a touch of tall birch branches for a finishing touch
Tip: You can customize your sleigh with any other evergreens

6. Preserve arrangement for a couple of months by applying a Wilt Pruf spray to the arrangement

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