Orly Shani is giving an ordinary jacket a fashionable upgrade.


  • Jacket
  • Trim Appliques
  • Needle & thread
  • Fabric Glue


1. The first thing you’re going to do is figure out the placement you want for your jewels on the collar.

2. If you’re using a trim applique you can lightly glue the applique on where you want it just so when you start stitching it isn't moving around everywhere

3. So once you have your placement ready to go, you’re going to start stitching. The main technique is to follow the line of the collar

4. When the collar starts to edge in cut your applique & then replace it along the edge line. Stitch & repeat until the collar goes straight again.

5. Once you’ve attached everything you wanted then ta-da!

6. If you would like to remove the jewels from the jacket later down the road, just snip the stitching, and the applique will come right off.

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