Party favors sure to make your Holiday party “stand out.”
DIY Elf shoe Party Favor Holders
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  • Cardstock in various Christmas colors
  • Elf shoe template
  • Thin ribbon or twine
  • Cellophane
  • Hot glue gun and glue sticks
  • Double stick tape
  • Scissors
  • Pencil or marker
  • Decorative accoutrements


  1. Line up cookies on a sheet of cellophane cut to about a 7” x 11” rectangle. *Make sure you have at least 3” excess on each end of your cookies.*
  2. Put a piece of double stick tape on the long end of cellophane to the length of cookies.
  3. Roll up cookies in cellophane, make sure to roll as tightly as possible. Seal along edge with double stick tape. Twist one end of cellophane and knot with ribbon.
  4. Fold down other end of cellophane and seal with a piece of tape. This will be the bottom of the leg. Set aside.
  5. Trace the elf shoe template onto desired colors of cardstock. Download the template here.
  6. Cut out the elf shoe shapes.
  7. Bend the shoe shape in half WITHOUT CREASING it so the tips meet, secure with glue.
  8. Glue the decorative trim onto the shoe.
  9. To create the laces for your elf shoes, punch a hole at the front of the top opening and lace the ribbon through, tie a bow. *You can wait to tighten and tie the lacing once you put the cookie sleeve in.*
  10. Add decorative details to the tips of the shoes like a jingle bell, pom-pom or snowflake.
  11. Place the sleeve of cookies into the elf shoes and enjoy!

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