Lifestyle expert, Monica Hart, is showing you how to create an elegant tablescape with a Halloween-theme.
DIY Elegant Halloween Tablescape
Home Decor
Seasonal Event:
Halloween, Fall

Materials for No Carve Sequin and Floral Pin Pumpkin

  • Fresh pumpkin or gourd
  • Assortment of sequin colors and sizes  
  • Round pearlized pins 1.5”  in assorted  colors

Materials for No Sew Burlap Placemats

  • 1 - 1/4 yards of 60” wide burlap fabric (Will make 6 placemats with a finished product of 17” x 13” )
  • Scissors

Materials for Pocket Fold Napkin

  • Napkin square

Directions for Pumpkin

  1. To create your sequin and pin pumpkin designs, thread the pin through the sequin hole and gently pierce and press into place on the pumpkin surface.
  2. You can create an all over design, dots, stripes, spirals, even lettering. To keep your pumpkin fresher longer, display away from heat and direct sunlight.

Directions for Placemats

  1. Start with the pre-folded burlap fabric. This will allow you to cut two placemats at a time. Measure the size of your placemat, 18” x 14” and cut.
  2. Once cut, pull a few of the outer threads on all sides to create about a 1/2 inch wide fringe. Trim the edges of the fringe slightly to make your placemat even, all the way around.

Directions for Napkin

  1. Starting with the bottom edge closest to you, fold your napkin upward, in half and crease. The closed edge should be nearest to you. Bring the folded closed edge upward about three inches to create the pocket, crease. Flip the folded napkin over with the closed edge nearest to you. This time fold in half from left to right.
  2. Fold the open edges on the right, under to desired overall napkin width. You can tuck leaves, menu cards and/or treats into the napkin pocket.

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