A fun DIY from David Bromstad.


  • 24x24-36x48 Canvas
  • An easel for the canvas
  • Liquitex paints of all colors. Preferably the liquid version. The ones in the bottle and not in the tube.
  • A 1" Rembrandt artist brush
  • One Zepp spray bottle
  • Chip brushes of various sizes'

DIY Drip Painting - Home & Family


1-Spray your canvas with plain water

2- Use Chip brush to brush water evenly over canvas

3- Dip your Chip brush into a couple of the lighter colors you've chosen and brush them on your canvas. Make sure to use wide brushstrokes. You don't need to cover your canvas completely.

4- Dip you Chip brush into one of the other, darker colors and hold brush full of
paint slightly above the top of the canvas.

5- Use your Zepp spray bottle to spray the paint on the brush (the paint will drip down on to the canvas)

6- Feel free to add more layers of color on top of the base colors you start with

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