Shirley Bovshow and Ken Wingard team up for this DIY.


  • Dresser drawers
  • Plywood
  • Wooden Legs
  • Hardware for Legs
  • ½ inch Drill Bit
  • Drill
  • Screws
  • Spray Paint
DIY Dresser Planter - Home & Family


1. Remove hardware from your dresser drawer

2. Spray paint dresser drawers and allow to dry

3. Attach hardware back to dresser drawer

4. Repeat for all of the drawers you will be using

5. Create a table the drawers will sit on using plywood and wooden legs

6. Screw 4 table leg hardware into the four corners of your plywood

7. Twist legs directly into the hardware

8. Drill the base drawers directly into the plywood

9. Drill holes into the bottom of drawer, through plywood, to allow drainage

10. Stack your drawers and screw them together. Drill holes where your stacked dresser drawers meet to allow drainage from top to bottom

11. Continue until your have finished stacking all of your dresser drawers

12. Attach a 1x4 plywood along the whole back, connecting all of the drawers together

13. To prevent mold from forming, line drawers with a heavy duty liner or plastic bag. Make sure there are holes in liner so that drainage can occur.

14. For an outdoor plant, plant daisies directly into planter.

15. For an indoor planter skip step of drilling holes in the drawers, keep daisies in their original packaging and place a saucer underneath.

Type of Daisies to Use:

The first type is called the osteospermum which make great ground covers. Next we have the brachycome, which are really beautiful, heavy bloomings daisies. These are smaller and contrast well with the larger osterspermum. The Pink Marguerite adds a beautiful pink color and blooms for a long time. And lastly the Felicia, which is a blue daisy

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