Kenneth Wingard is showing you how to update your lawn with this beautiful DIY fountain.


  •  Drill
  •  Screws
  •  2x4’s
  • Gutters
  • Plastic Tube
  • Brackets
  • Watering bucket
  • Watering can
  • Silicon Glue
  • Spicket
  •  Gasket
  • Galvanized tub
  • Hose


1. Drill and use brackets on top and bottom of the gutter to hang the gutter on the right side of your wall.

2. Feed tube/hose through the gutter.

3. Attach the top “L” piece on your mounted gutter.

4. Attach pipe to water pump.

5. Mount 2x4’s on desired wall.

6. Drill gutter onto the 2x4’s.

7. Drill hole to fit the size of your spicket in your watering can.

8. Drill or hang watering can and watering bucket to your wall.

9. Run water for your fountain.

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