Maria Provenzano is creating a fun DIY using doughnuts.


  • Pegboard
  • Frame
  • Spray paint
  • Metal pegboard hooks or small wooden dowels
  • Hot glue
  • Doughnut
DIY Doughnut Wall - Home & Family


DIY Donut Glazing

1. Three ways, all with white frosting:

2. Dipped and then sprinkles/toppings added (sprinkles, edible frosting)

3. Dipped and hardened, then adding more frosting for detail (drizzling with more frosting); edible gold

4. Marbled; so you take the white frosting and add a few drops of food coloring into it and swirl it around with a toothpick to create a marbled look, and then dip the donut into the frosting

5. The frosting is made from powdered sugar and half and half (milk can be used as well) which I am planning on bringing; all you do is whisk it together. Just add more powdered sugar to make it thicker and more half and half to make it thinner.

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