Maria Provenzano is getting those college students ready for dorm life with this beautiful and creative DIY.


  • Embroidery hoops in large, medium and small sizes 
  • glue gun 
  • Fringe fabric trim 
  • Paint, preferably the same color as the fabric trim 
  • Thin decorative fabric trim; optional 
  • String 

DIY Dorm Chandelier - Home & Family


1) Paint the embroidery hoops and allow to dry

2) Tie the string to the smallest hoop and repeat so you have 4 or 5 long strings all around the hoop

3) Measure out the same distance on all the strings, about 4 inches or so depending on the fabric, and tie to the medium hoop

4) Repeat to tie the big hoop

5) This will create the chandelier look

6) Tie all the strings together at the top so that the chandelier is able to hang from the ceiling

7) Use a glue gun to attach the fringe fabric trim to all three hoops

8) Cut the trim if needed to desired length

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