Larissa Wohl and Ken Wingard show how to upcycle a side table into a stylish and functional dog bed.


  • Front opening side table with doors on hinges
  • Screwdriver or drill
  • Wood putty with putty knife or wood trim and glue
  • Paint in desired color
  • Paintbrush or paint roller with tray
  • Pillow to size of inside of table
DIY Dog Bed - Home & Family


  1. Remove the doors from the side table with a screwdriver or drill. If the table has a shelf inside, remove it now.
  2. Cover the holes of the screws. Either use wood putty applied with a putty knife or cut some wood trim to size to use and cover the holes and any indents with it. Adhere with wood glue. Let the putty or glue dry.
  3. Paint the side table inside and out to match your décor if desired. Allow to dry.
  4. Place into décor, add the pillow as a bed for your pup and enjoy!
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